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Salt Lake Tattoo:

Salt Lake City Tattoo Artist Jason Thomas of Big Picture Tattoos located at anchor Ink Tattoos

Custom Tattoos and Custom Art ...

Salt Lake City Tattoos. Featuring custom tattoos and artwork from local artist Jason Thomas.

Jason prides himself in providing the best experience in a clean, comfortable, and stylish environment located at Anchor Ink Tattoos. 

All equipment used for your procedure is 100% disposable, or sterilized using the most modern methods available.

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Inside of Anchor Ink Tattoos | 1103 South State Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


Why Salt Lake Tattoo

with Jason Thomas and Big

Picture Tattoo?

Big Picture Tattoos is a custom tattoo Artist located at Anchor Ink Tattoo Shop in Salt Lake, with a new look and open atmosphere in Salt Lake City, Utah. We believe that a tattoo project should be collaboration between the artist and collector. We strive to work with you to create a one of a kind custom piece of artwork that not only adorns the body but also has a voice and reflects your personality.
  • Custom Artist with over 8 years of experience
  • Located in the Clean Shop at Anchor Ink Tattoos.
  • All styles can be custom done
  • Schedules 5 days a week Including Saturdays
  • Strong Client Testimonies

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